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LED Badminton


Product Name: LED BadmintonDescription: The first wealth is health!LED badminton can light in the dark.In the dark, don’t need extra lighting, just beautiful LED light,LED...

Product Name: LED Badminton


The first wealth is health!

LED Badminton can light in the dark.

In the dark, don’t need extra lighting, just beautiful LED light,

LED badminton like fantastic rainbow, flying between the racket,

People can play LED badminton in the evening outdoors,

LED badminton let exercise without time and place restrictions,

each space is suitable for sports all day/24 hours.

So it's very popular fashion sports items at present,

Epic Gifts' LED badminton,

Novelty design,beautiful LED light, and excellent performance

Everything makes LED badminton attractive and useful in the dark space.


Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Products Suppliers & Manufacturers: Epic Gifts Limited

LED Badminton Specifications:

Battery: 2*LR927

Principle: LED lights installed in the back of the cork

Eco-friendly material:  High quality foam, feather, LED light

Single Color lighting constantly: red, blue, green

Mixed Color RGB Flashing: red, yellow, blue, green, white, orange, purple

Appearance: white

Switch: on-off control

Lifespan: more than 24 hours constantly

Use place: playground, day and night, especially suitable for low-light night

Size: 60mm x 80mm

Packing: 4 pcs/box, 120 boxes/CTN, 60*35*55/CTN

Weight: 6.5 g/pc, 7.5 kg/CTN