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LED balloons is very suitable for festive and wedding, birthday.

LED balloons are balloons and LED lights and lighting products into a new balloon. Its advantage is more prominent than ordinary balloon festival. Especially in the evening to celebrate used to add the atmosphere. There are 7 colors flash light balloon glow and continuous light two kinds. Design at present, with switch and without switch.
The balloon is very suitable for sports events, opening ceremony, festive and wedding, birthday, to celebrate the graduation, etc. LED balloon is more popular among consumers than ordinary balloon. It is a market prospect of small commodities.
The high quality rubber balloon is made of environmental protection of rubber. Exposed to the air after the balloon blowing, degradation began. This can be confirmed from the oxidation phenomenon on the surface of the balloon, a balloon, shortly after the surface is a layer of fog. High temperature and sunlight can accelerate the process. Fastest quality balloons will eventually like leaves, a few weeks can be broken down into the soil, will not cause environmental pollution.